Let It All Fall Down - James Taylor
    Sing a song for the Wrong

    And the Wicked and the Strong
    And the Sick, as thick as thieves
    For the faceless fear that was never so near
    Too clear to misbelieve

    Well the sea is jumping salty
    And the porpoise has the blues
    My recollection's faulty
    And I cannot find my shoes
    And my wiring is misfiring
    Due to cigarettes and booze
    I'm behind in my dues
    I just now got the news
    He seems to tell us lies
    And still we will believe him
    Then together he will lead us
    Into darkness, my friends

    Let it fall down, let it fall down
    Let it all fall down
    Let it fall down, let it fall down
    Let it all fall down

    The man says stand to one side, son
    We got to keep this big ball rolling
    It's just a question of controlling
    For whom the bell is tolling


    There'll be suffering and starvation
    In the streets young man
    Just where have you been, old man
    Just look out of your window, man


    Well, it ain't nobody's fault but our own
    Still, at least we might could show the good sense
    To know when we've been wrong
    And it's already taken too long
    So we bring it to a stop
    Then we take it from the top
    We let it settle on down softly
    Like your gently falling snow
    Or let it tumble down and topple
    Like the temple long ago



    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words