First Of May - James Taylor
    And the light between us

    Which we could not quite extinguish
    Which we see at dawn
    Burns on

    First day of May
    Things are beginning
    Our side is winning
    Hip hip hooray
    Made in the shade
    Deep in the shadow
    Down by the meadow
    Lie in my arms

    And the moon will rise
    Before our very eyes
    We will rise too
    I'll be with you
    It's a rite of spring
    A horizontal thing
    The sweetest sort of dance
    Hidden in among the plants

    Ha ha ha ha
    People are laughing
    Children are singing
    Come join the dance

    And the walls around us
    Which we kept at such a cost
    When we turned around
    Came tumbling down

    Ha ha ha ha
    She can't stop laughing
    He can't stop singing
    First day of May


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words