Valentine's Day - James Taylor
    Beneath the tide the fishes glide

    Fin to fin and side to side
    For fishy love has now begun
    Fishy love, finny fun

    Paper moon, paper heart
    Pink balloon, work of art
    Al Capone, Bugs Moran
    Valentine's Day

    Bootleg gin, porkpie hat
    Dew Drop Inn, dirty rat
    Through the heart, Cupid's dart
    Valentine's Day

    Day to repay the one that you love
    Gentlemen take off your hats as I speak thereof
    Just a brief break from the push and the shove
    We may go a few rounds without boxing gloves

    Land your punch, I stand my ground
    We break for lunch and a second round
    We set them up, we knock them down
    Valentine's Day

    Me and you, you and him
    Him and her, us and them
    We keep score, love as war
    Valentine's Day

    I lost my teeth, I lost my hair
    I lost my mind, you don't care
    Love is war, all is fair
    On Valentine's Day


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words