Runaway Boy - James Taylor
    Fetch down the fiddle, rosin up the bow

    Don't play me nothing on the radio
    Don't make me remember the Alamo
    I'm feeling like a little bit of Cotton Eyed Joe

    No ragin' Cajun crawfish stew
    Fat batter come a lou mamma lou
    Boy howdy and howdy damn do
    Something like fine setting eyes on you

    Let me come down, I won't never go back up again
    Oh, hold me down
    Let me come home, I won't never go away no more
    Oh let me come down

    In a younger day back in Tennessee
    The muddy Mississippi used to call to me
    Float on a river and set yourself free
    Run from the farm and the family tree
    Run from the runaway boy

    So I've been all the places that I ever want to be
    I've seen all the people that I ever want to see
    I'm sick and tired of being lonely and free
    I'm ready today for what's waiting on me

    I'm gonna give up believing I was born to run
    And stop acting like a man that gets shot from a gun
    I'm putting down roots, I want to soak up sun
    And stay right here until my days are done

    Let me back down, I will never go up again
    Hold me down, tie me on down
    Let me go home, I will never go away no more
    Oh let me come home
    Oh let me go down


    Marco Giunco
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