Baby Boom Baby - James Taylor, Zachary Wiesner 
    Somehow the season always brings a picture of you

    Baby boom baby
    Holding on for everything you figured you're due
    Little turtleneck girl
    The moon on your shoulder
    The wind in your lovely hair
    Oh what a night
    We sat on the beach and watched as the sun
    Rose into the Summer air

    You said we couldn't miss what we never knew
    Something about something that you had to do
    Sitting on the sand with a hole in my shoe

    I had no way of knowing where you might have been
    Time goes by
    All on my own I imagine you a life in between
    All own my own
    I worked on a letter but it never made it out of my head
    Somehow reading your name it wasn't the same
    As leaving the thing unsaid

    How come I miss what I never knew
    And drag out the past just to paint it blue
    And spend my days with a dream of you

    Oh, after a fall
    Here I'm trying to find our name on the wall
    It was neither yours nor mine
    It was something of the two combined
    From a time spent out of time

    I work hard to see that you remember my name
    Nod your head yes
    Do all I can to make you want to see me again
    Oh what a night
    Got a letter from the mail, got a message from the telephone
    Seems you're working in town
    Moving around
    Living alone

    Now I'm caught in the spotlight
    Walking the wire
    My feet are frozen and my heart's on fire
    What do I do if my dream come true


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words