T-Bone - Bill Payne, James Taylor
    Me and T-Bone on the road to town

    It's like I'm walking with a talking machine
    Just as soon as he thinks of something else
    He won't wait to interrupt himself
    Must be something that he can't quite say
    He just doesn't want to leave it that way
    Although he may not know it yet
    Unless I miss my bet
    He's just trying to forget
    What his heart remembers

    I see that T-Bone got an automobile
    Low-loping and open to the sky
    All night behind the hurricane wheel
    Riding in the eye
    All day underneath the hood
    Mondo Bondo, plastic wood
    He needs a mile of masking tape
    He wants to keep his ship in shape
    Someday to escape
    What his heart remembers (Oh, yes,What his heart remembers)

    T-Bone's not alone, not alone
    Looks like he gets a second chance
    It's Mamarama and Lumalamalu
    Want to take him to recovery dance
    He's looking like he gets his meat suit back
    I guess he must have missed the crack attack
    Still he's riding for a fall
    'Cause it's written upon the wall
    That now he must recall
    What his heart remembers (What his heart remembers)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words