Mona - James Taylor

    Life's good friends are hard to find
    and now one of mine is dead
    and things I should have said to her
    I shall say to you instead

    Mona mona
    so much of you to love
    too much of you to take care of
    mona mona
    you got too big to keep
    and too damn old to eat

    When you where just a football
    at your mama's side
    I reckon everyone figured you
    for a bar-b-que when you died
    and here i'm thinking about you
    lying underground
    pushing up a pine tree in my field

    Oh mona mona
    you can close your eyes
    I've got a twelve gauge surprise
    waiting for you

    Since the day she passed away
    everything's just the same
    everywhere i go
    somebody mentions her name
    sometimes it's easiest to tell
    a friend a lie
    they don't understand
    the way i feel

    Oh mona mona
    so much of you to love
    to much of you to take care of
    so long

    Now she is gone and i am
    left alone as you can see
    but ever since i caused her death
    I do miss her company


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words