Honey Don't Leave L.A. - Danny Kortchmar 
    That limousine

    In which you made the scene
    Suits you to a t
    If all the you want to be
    Is somebody that don't never walk

    That big chateau
    Where you wanna go
    In the south of France
    Gonna end our big romance
    Don't you do it

    Honey don't leave L. A.
    That Riviera is so far away
    Begging you s'il vous plait
    They don't know nothing down in St. Tropez
    Baby don't leave L. A.

    I heard it said that you had it made
    With you movie star
    But, oh, how right you are
    If that's really 'bout the best you can do
    You moved my soul
    So I played the role
    Of your back door man
    Yes and now I can't really complain
    'cause I love you

    - Chorus -


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words