Night Owl - James Taylor
    A catfish he tends to groove on the water

    It's just where he's bound to be
    And a monkey kinds of flashes on fruits and bananas
    So he lives in the top of a tree
    But my eyes are made for darkness
    And so the nighttime is right for me

    Said I'm a night owl, honey
    Sleep all day long

    Now most folks they like the good day time
    They like to see the shining sun
    They're up in the morning
    Off and running
    'Till they're too tired for having fun
    But when the sun goes down
    And them bright light shine
    My daytime has just begun

    I'm a night owl, honey
    Sleep all day long

    Said turn off that bright light, baby
    You're just about to drive me blind
    Draw them curtains for me, mama
    You watch and you'll see
    How my love light shines

    Now, there's two sides to this
    Great big world
    and one of them is always night
    Hey, if you can take care of
    Business in the sunshine, baby
    I guess you're gonna be alright
    But don't come looking for stringbean
    To lend you a hand
    Because my eyes they can't stand the light

    No, I'm a night owl, honey
    Sleep all, sleep all day long
    I said sleep all day long
    I'm a night owl, honey


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words