Sleep through the Hurricane - Jo Camilleri, Nick Smith

    there's a demon in the bottle
    a preacher in the yard
    what's that crashin' in the cellar
    who's tearin' up the boulevard
    someone's roped up in the back seat
    ain't no room left in the trunk
    she needs some vital information
    he's spittin' out the same old junk
    collect that package at the station
    clean those stains from your dress
    no need to make a reservation
    the signalmaster don't care less
    arm-in-arm together we'll meet the midnight train
    safe as hell together we'll beat the drivin' rain
    sleep through the hurricane
    creepin' down the fire escape in someone else's hat and cape
    howlin' curses at the moon, hummin' some forgotten tune
    cuttin through the dead night air, know the place, I'll meet you there
    broken glass and dried up mud, leakin' gas and butcher's blood
    there's poison in the bottle
    mad prophet's in his grave
    one more bullet in this chamber
    ain't no time to misbehave
    there's been talk about salvation
    it was just a playful romp
    it could be my imagination
    but somethin's movin' in the swamp

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words