Fire Down Below - Jo Camilleri, Nick Smith

    straight to the bottom of the deepest black sea
    high on a cargo of bootleg diesolene
    don't need no morning star to guide me back to shore
    burn all my blankets, I won't be home no more
    you might need a witness, let some angel testify
    burnin' from the kisses of a thousand long goodbyes
    the heat is shimmerin', it's time to throw the switch
    send off a beacon, there's panic on the bridge
    waves above us
    fire down below
    last chance to roll
    that Memphis Domino
    those tanks are gonna blow
    break down the hatches, there's a riot going on
    someone's screamin' murder but the killer's long gone
    creepin' round the cabin on your tattooed hands and knees
    tastes like the cure but hooks like a disease
    can't see those harbour lights, no streets to roam
    burn all my blankets, I won't be comin' home
    straight to the fire down below

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words