In the Hands of the Enemy - Jo Camilleri, Nick Smith

    It's the heart of the winterand I'm alone on this bay
    the big tide carried you away
    you got carried away
    did my eyes deceive me
    did I really see you leave me
    downstreet in the rain
    they're tumblin' in a row
    it's comin' round again
    the travellin' heartache show
    I might get through the day
    but the night-time's still ahead of me
    I just can't break away
    I'm in the hands of the enemy
    no medals for bravery
    just wounds that never heal
    and the grinding of the wheel
    your turn on the wheel
    do my fears grow stronger
    is this cold war gettin' longer
    chippin' rocks to stone
    on this island penitentiary
    no chance on my own
    across a sea of treachery

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words