Chained to the Wheel - Jo Camilleri, Nick Smith

    know what you really need but you can't get enough
    too many mouths to feed brother ain't life tough
    call this survival don't pray for a sign
    know what you really want you can't get it back
    down on the waterfront you better watch out jack
    nights on the mainline, rust on the rail
    I've seen em swindle this town, I've seen 'em tumble it down
    I've seen red rivers, fire and steel
    I've felt the thunder, chained to the wheel
    know what you mean to me it goes deeper than that
    can't fight your destiny don't know where it's at
    don't look for lightnin' or pray for a sign
    I've heard the legends, I've watched the skies
    I feel the power, the flame in your eyes

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words