Oh Darling - Rick Davies. Roger Hodgson

    Oh darling, will you ever change your mind
    I've been feeling left behind
    Like a shadow in your light

    Ah honey won't you say that I'm the one
    And if you think you're gonna run
    Well you know

    I'm gonna be around you, all about you
    Always by your side
    I'm gonna dream about you, scheme about you
    Love you all the time,

    Love you all the time
    I'm gonna catch you lady
    Catch you lady

    The news is all over town
    You better not let me down
    Keep telling me you're feeling good
    As good as you ever could
    Please tell me that you'll never go
    Ah ah no no

    Ah lately, I'm like a watch that's overwound
    And I've got both feet off the ground
    Because you see

    I'm gonna be so busy, oh my pretty
    Love you night and day
    And through the rain and shine
    I'll make you mine
    I'll love you come what may
    I'm gonna catch you lady, catch you lady
    Catch you lady uh huh

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words