Moment of Glory - Rod Stewart, Jeff Golub, Chuck Kentis, Carmine Rojas

    Here is a story that is bound to amuse ya
    (about a fine young couple startin' out in life)
    A dedicated husband and a real fine worker
    (who lived for his children and his beautiful wife)
    But one night in Dallas at a computer convention
    (he got so loaded he could hardly stand)
    Woke up with a heavy head and a strange girl beside him
    (returned home a worried guilty man)
    But inside his coat his wife found a note
    It said 'Thanks for the good time Can I see you again'
    She asked him 'Why oh why' Tears rollin' down her eyes
    'would you give it all up for a moment of glory' glory

    Packed up all her bags and returned to her mother
    (Two small children clinging to her dress)
    Hurt and disillusioned but never down hearted
    (she picked up the pieces of her broken life)
    And meanwhile back in Boston the culprit lie thinkin'
    (trying to find the answer in a bottle of wine)
    Fired from his job and missing his children
    (he didn't care one way if he lived or died)
    Oh what a crying shame nobody else to blame
    for one night of pleasure he had given her pain
    Oh how it was so hard to climb so far to give it all up
    for a moment of glory, glory

    As the months rolled by and accusations fly
    the bloodsuckin' lawyers know they're in for a kill
    The gold war begins she's takin' off her rings
    Close friends take sides while the waters are still

    Phone rang twice in his stone cold appartment
    (it was his little boy Johnny and his sister Beth)
    They said 'Daddy we miss you would you talk to Mommy'
    (a line of communication he had sadly missed)
    She said 'Now don't get me wrong this is where you belong'
    I said 'Good-bye children we can work it all out'
    'But don't you ever forget how this family has bled
    'cause you give it all up for a moment of glory' glory

    Won't you give it all up
    you give it all up
    Won't you give it all up
    you give it all up

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words