Some Lonesome Picker - John Stewart

    I often get the feeling that I'm talking to the wind
    And no-one hears, no-one listens in.
    Then I start singing songs
    And the music makes the whole world feel like home.
    Sing a song and you're not alone.

    Lily Mclean, you are standing on the rain
    And you are cold, you are hungry and afraid.
    You are waiting for a sunrise,
    A sunrise makes you feel so very small.
    Darling Lily, aren't we all?
    I'm believing, believing, believing that even when I'm gone,
    Maybe some lonesome picker will find some healing in this song.

    Julie get the gun, Julie throw it in the river.
    Let it roll far out to sea.
    Let it carry the confusion,
    The hatred and the worry here in me.
    River rolling out to sea.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words