Midnight Cruiser - Walter Becker, Donald Fagen

    Felonius my old friend
    Step on in and let me shake your hand
    So glad that you're here again
    For one more time
    Let your madness run with mine
    Streets still unseen we'll find somehow
    No time is better than now

    Tell me where are you driving
    Midnight cruiser
    Where is your bounty
    Of fortune and fame
    I am another
    Gentlemen loser
    Drive me to Harlem
    Or somewhere the same

    The world that we used to know
    People tell me it don't turn no more
    The places we used to go
    Familiar faces that ain't smilin' like before
    The time of our time has come and gone
    I fear we been waiting too long

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words