Loose Ends - Bruce Springsteen

    We met out on open streets when we had no place to go
    I remember how my heart beat when you said I love you so
    Then little by little we choked out all the life that our love could hold
    Oh no

    It's like we had a noose and baby without check
    We pulled until it grew tighter around our necks
    Each one waiting for the other, darlin', to say when
    Well baby you can meet me tonight on the loose end

    We didn't count tomorrows, we took what we could and baby we ran
    There was no time for sorrow, every place we went I held your hand
    And when the night closed in I was sure your kisses told me all I had to know
    But oh no


    Our love has fallen around us like we said it never could
    We saw it happen to all the others but to us it never would
    Well how could something so bad, darling, come from something that was so good
    I don't know



    Marco Giunco
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