Cowboy of the Sea - Bruce Springsteen

    They ride beneath the waves at 20,000 leagues
    On stallions stitched to seaweed strands
    So smiling, so smiling
    They herd the fishes of the deep
    They ride for you and me
    They ranch the rich and the sunken soil
    At the bottom of the sea

    In the dead of night, alive in sleep
    I hear them calling me
    Them deep sea desperadoes
    Them midnight maelstrom freaks
    The cowboy of the sea

    So on wings of sleep I pierce the deep
    And ride like a hurricane
    At midnight still I paid my bill
    And turned my back on the land
    With the help of Old Paint, that seaweed nag
    It's just Jesse James and me
    We ride the depths and rob the banks
    At the bottom of the sea

    With a seaman's grip on navigation
    And some fired, hired hands
    We set forth to confront the nation
    And lend a cowboy's hand

    We do the Dolphins' Dance duet
    My mermaid babe and me
    Then I ride off into the blue sunset
    At the bottom of the sea

    And with the seaman's grip on submarining
    And some aqualung outlaws
    Our guns are made of solid dreamin'
    And bullets from a broken cause
    And with hand held high to touch the sky
    A good Texas Ranger I'll be
    But sometimes I feel like a lone stranger
    'Midst the cowboys of the sea

    Oh and men above he cannot make love
    He's got to rape his mother the sea
    And because of his greed
    We're a vanishing breed
    We cowboys of the sea


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words