Fast Song (Candy's Room) - Bruce Springsteen

    The night rushes in through the door
    Kids running across the floor
    Those guys aim it'll tear this town down
    And blow it into the sea
    Man that's alright with me
    'Cause I don't care anymore

    She, she who is everything
    The fever that she brings
    She's got everything
    And I've got caught
    Wasting my life so bad
    Just looking for the facts
    Sometimes I
    Feel like I'm walking dazed
    The blood rushes in my veins
    I can hear it flow
    She lives in a world of dreams come true
    But she don't know like I do
    Not like I do
    'Cause I was nothing
    Over and over again
    Alone when the nights roll in, without her
    She's a miracle in diamond rings
    She has men who bring her anything she wants
    But they don't see
    That what she wants is me
    Oh and I want her so
    I'll never let her go
    Me, walking in the room
    Alone when the nights roll in
    Without her, without her, without her


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words