Little Calcutta - John Lyon, Steve Skinner

    We're born to live and we're born to die
    You´re somewhere in between and I´m not shure why
    Sleeping on a heat vent, eating what you find
    I know we´re somewhat more than kind
    But a whole lot less than kind

    That's what you'll find In Little Calcutta
    That´s what you´ll find in Little Calcutta
    The Greatest City In The World

    Now life in the subway is a long slow fade to black
    when you´re beneath the city; nothing you can do but crack
    Ain´t no use in cryin' your tears are all in vain
    If you´re living on the city streets, then you must be insane

    That's what they say in Little Calcutta
    That's what the Mayor says, he says, right here
    in Little Calcutta
    The Most Exciting City In The World

    The buses come and the buses go
    Leave you nothing but exhaust
    Port Authority Bus Terminal in the midnight hour
    Last stop of the dead, the dying and the lost

    You pray to God but he never seems to hear
    You're in the Mayor's prayers "Lord make them disappear"
    Well, politicians can pray until they drop
    It's been a long ride and this is your last stop

    All aboard, for Little Calcutta
    All aboard for Little Calcutta
    All aboard, for Little Calcutta
    The Richest City In The World


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words