Tune Into My Wave - Ben Mink

    Well, if you wanna keep me movin'
    Then take my heart
    I got a one way ticket
    Don't you know
    If you're too gone to rock
    To get to where you're goin'
    Start into my station
    Baby, look what...
    Wake up, take it up
    In your hands
    And switch it over to my band
    I got somethin'...
    Anythin' you need
    So dial k.d.lang
    On your trucker's CB

    Hey now, baby
    Turn off the news
    You're drivin' me crazy
    Hey now, baby, please

    Tune into my wave
    Tune into my wave

    Hey, Listen to me, baby listen to me
    Got a rock my baby boogie
    And an alligator shoe
    I got one foot, two foot
    Sugarfoot rags
    Turn on to my station
    Baby, don't be a drag
    Listen to me, baby
    It's understood
    I got while...
    In cowboy boots groovin' to my daddy
    On my daddy radio
    Can you dig it like I dig it
    Can you dig it at all

    Well, you got everything you need
    Don't touch that dial
    Stakin', I'm not fakin'
    Till you dig it a while
    I know I'm right
    I just can't be wrong
    Need a little help
    To make you come undone
    So relax
    Loosen your noose
    Tune in or tune out
    To get into the groove
    Can you dig it like I dig it
    Can you dig it with me
    When the rockabilly move it
    You might break up the scenelled around
    And did it again


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words