Magic And Loss - The Summation - Mike Rathke, Lou Reed

    When you pass through the fire
    you pass through humble
    You pass through a maze of self doubt
    When you pass through humble
    the lights can blind you
    Some people never figure that out
    You pass through arrogance you pass through hurt
    You pass through an ever present past
    and it's best not to wait for luck to save you
    Pass through the fire to the light

    As you pass through the fire
    your right hand waving
    there are things you have to throw out
    That caustic dread inside your head
    will never help you out
    You have to be very strong
    'cause you'll start from zero
    over and over again
    And as the smoke clears
    there's an all consuming fire
    lying straight ahead

    They say no one person can do it all
    but you want to in your head
    But you can't be Joyce
    so what is left instead
    You're stuck with yourself
    and a rage that can hurt you
    You have to start at the beginning again
    And just this moment
    This wonderful fire started up again

    When you pass through humble
    when you pass through sickly
    When you pass through
    I'm better than you all
    When you pass through
    anger and self deprecation
    and have the strength to acknowledge it all
    When the past makes you laugh
    and you can savor the magic
    that let you survive your own war
    You find that that fire is passion
    and there's a door up ahead not a wall

    As you pass through fire as you pass through fire
    trying to remember its name
    When you pass through fire licking at your lips
    you cannot remain the same
    And if the building' burning
    move towards that door
    but don't put the flames out
    There's a bit of magic in everything
    and then some loss to even things out


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words