Warrior King - Revenge - Lou Reed

    I wish I was the warrior king in every language that I speak
    Lord over all that I survey and all that I see I keep
    Power omnipresent undiminished uncontrolled
    with a message violent fury at the center of my soul

    I wish I was a warrior king inscrutable benign
    with a faceless charging power always at my command
    Footsteps so heavy that the world shakes
    My rage instilling fear
    Yet cautious firm but fair and good
    The perfect Warrior King

    I wish I installed angles in every subject's house
    Agents of my goodness no one would be without
    A steak on every plate a car for every house
    and if you ever crossed me
    I'd have your eyes put out

    You don't exist without me without me you don't exist
    And if logic won't convinced you then there's always this
    I'm bigger, smarter, stronger, tough
    yet sensitive and kind
    And though I could crush you like a bug
    it will never cross my mind

    It wouldn't cross my mind to your neck
    or rip out your vicious tongue
    it wouldn't cross my mind to snap your leg like a twig
    or squash you like some slug
    You are a violent messenger
    and I'm not above your taunts
    And if you hit me you know I'll kill you
    because I'm the Warrior King

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words