What's Good - The Thesis - Lou Reed

    Life's like a mayonnaise soda
    And life's like space without room
    And life's like bacon and ice cream
    That's what life's like without you

    Life's like forever becoming
    But life's forever dealing in hurt
    Now life's like death without living
    That's what life's like without you

    Life's like Sanskrit read to a pony
    I see you in my mind's eye strangling on your tongue
    What's good is knowing such devotion
    I've been around - I know what makes things run

    What good is seeing eye chocolate
    What good's a computerized nose
    And what good was cancer in April
    Why no good - no good at all

    What good's a war without killing
    What good is rain that falls up
    What good's a disease that won't hurt you
    Why no good, I guess, no good at all

    What good are these thoughts that I'm thinking
    It must be better not to be thinking at all
    A styrofoam lover with emotions of concrete
    No not much, not much at all

    What's good is life without living
    What good's this lion that barks
    You loved a life others throw away nightly
    It's not fair, not fair at all

    What's good ?
    Life's good -
    But not fair at all

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words