Ooohhh Baby - Lou Reed

    You're the kind of girl everybody warned me about
    You're the kind of person, that everybody's just staring at
    But now you are a topless dancer
    Working out of a bar on Times Spuare
    And everybody wishes you were back down in some corner
    Only Baby know

    You make me go ooohhh baby ooohhh baby ooohhh baby
    Ooohhh, ooohhh, ooohhh
    Ooohhh baby, ooohhh baby ooohhh baby
    Ooohhh, ooohhh, ooohhh

    Your old man was the best P and E man down on the streets
    And all the guy in the precinct
    Always was watching for him on the beat
    But when he ripped off Seymour
    He was really not a doing so fine
    And everything is knots
    Well except his hands and legs
    And maybe even mime, you see
    They just make them strip off

    They say ooohhh baby, ooohhh ...

    It's very funny asking me
    Why they keep the lights on down so low
    Well, yesterday's chase's today's competition
    Or didn't you know
    And the all fluorescent lighting
    Make so your wrinkles, they don't show
    And it's very funny
    The way that 20 bucks an hour cannot go
    If you don't make 'em go

    Now, now, now, ooohhh baby, ooohhh ...

    Everybody wondered 'bout you when you was seen in
    Drinking some beer
    You got here from Ohio and your mother said
    You hooked her in the real near
    That's the way it goes now

    Ooohh baby, ooohhh ...

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words