Love Turns to Lies - Chris Rea

    I could have stood to watch you walk away
    And put it down to your uncertain ways
    Or maybe baby you've had a change of heart
    Maybe wanna make a brand new start
    Crazy though what I say may seem
    I could have learned to mend these broken dreams
    You could have pushed I would have gently fell
    I could have played the graceful one so well

    What's that you say
    You were gonna leave me anyway
    Any fool can see ... see what you've done to me

    And your love turns to lies

    The actor played the part of sweet desire
    And tiptoed out upon the highest wire
    The truth to tell upon a rope too thin
    So the fall of treachery begins
    But oh to see the starlet's smiling face
    So eagerly awaits to take the place
    I tried to fall in a clean and graceful way
    You should have said I would have given way

    And ... (Chorus)

    And I see him smile the way that I smiled
    And I hear him laugh the way that I did
    But I hear him screaming and I hear him cry
    And I see him falling
    When your love turns to lies


    And your love turns to lies
    And your love turns to lies

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words