Tell Me There's a Heaven - Chris Rea

    The little girl she said to me
    What are these things that I can see
    Each night when I come home from school
    When mama calls me in for tea
    Oh every night a baby dies
    And every night a mama cries
    What makes those men do what they do
    To make that person black and blue

    Grandpa says they're happy now
    They sit with God in paradise
    With angels wings and still somehow
    It makes me feel like ice

    Tell me there's a heaven
    Tell me that it's true
    Tell me there's a reason
    Why I'm seeing what I do
    Tell me there's a heaven
    Where all those people go
    Tell me they're all happy now
    Papa tell me that it's so

    So do I tell her that it's true
    That there's a place for me and you
    Where hungry children smile and say
    We wouldn't have no other way
    That every painful crack of bones
    Is a step along the way
    Every wrong done is a game plan
    To that great and joyful day

    And I'm looking at the father and the son
    And I'm looking at the mother and the daughter
    And I'm watching them in tears of pain
    And I'm watching them suffer
    Don't tell that little girl
    Tell me


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words