Gonna Buy a Hat - Chris Rea

    She talks like thunder
    She really lets you know
    She keep changing the rules
    And leave you nowhere to go
    She bore you rigid with the party line
    She's so far left she's gonna get left behind

    He wants six pretty white spots on each side of the dice
    He wants it all to be equal but he needs to throw twice
    Now there's a guy in the corner with a smiling gaze
    He turns to me and says
    I'm gonna buy a hat
    'Cos I think it's gonna rain
    Got caught out coming here
    Ain't gonna get caught again
    I'm gonna buy a big one
    Like that Mr Gorbachov
    And when it's raining all this crap
    Oh my hat will keep it off

    Now take a look at all them leaders
    Desperation in their eyes
    The tight faces smiles that cannot hide it
    They know no more than you or I

    So I'm gonna buy a hat
    'Cos here they come again
    And when the start to blah-blah
    It's you and me that gets the rain

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words