Guardian Angel - Graham Parker

    Your guardian angels are looking down on you
    As they fold your wings and collect your things
    And lift you into the blue
    Your guardian angels they can't just fly away
    They're going to stay on Earth their job to do
    The task is not too great
    When the cup slips from your hand
    And the world slips from your mind
    You can fall into a dream
    You don't have to know that they're here all the time

    Your guardian angels are not a distant thing
    They're not celestial spheres, Saints or seers
    Or heavenly bells that ring
    But they'll never let you down
    We're all down here anyway
    They might slip up now and again
    But their love for you will never slip away

    Your guardian angels look at them look at them cry
    Cause they're flesh and blood
    They're not free to drift into the sky
    Your guardian angels
    Your guardian angels
    Your guardian angels

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words