Ten Girls Ago - Graham Parker

    Buster turned round to me
    And said hey kid you must be joking
    You got an attitude
    You think you're funny but you're choking hey hey
    Back every word that comes out of your mouth
    Ten girls ago
    You thought you had something to laugh about

    But it was just a crazy thing
    The wrong act in the wrong circus ring
    The sweet pain of a needle's sting
    Ten girls ago, ten girls ago

    Eddie and Burt sneaked out the back
    And threw up before every scene
    The camera rolled and my life
    Flashed before me just as if in a dream
    A dog was leading me round on a chain
    Ten girls ago
    I kicked it but I ended up in pain

    But it was just a crazy thing
    Flying an airplane made of string
    Sweet pain of a needle's sting
    Ten girls ago

    Wrap it up in a paper cup
    Put it in a bag for me
    Get yourself another dog
    Ah you're barking up the wrong tree

    And now I stand a hope in hell
    Of not ending up in the bottom of a well
    A place where all lost souls must go
    When they don't know
    Where their life is going
    And now life glows with a life of its own
    Ten girls ago
    I would have told you my chances were blown

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words