Ok Hieronynus - Graham Parker

    I break a heart in a thousand places, she makes a slur against other races
    He rejects all of the unpretty faces, sticks them full of knives
    I take a shot at birds flying south, he takes the gun barrel into his mouth
    She takes a rope and ties up the house, with the kids inside
    They just want to curl right up and die
    Them and us are only passing by

    Hey Hieronymous
    I know where your garden grows
    I know where your bloody roses bloom
    OK Hieronymous
    Tell me what delights there are
    Right outside this window
    or inside this room

    Just taste the odor of burning skin
    The pitchfork tongues and the rot within
    The torture victim's wiped-out grin
    nothing can erase
    Somebody's pouring salt on a wound
    Scooping out monkey's brains with a spoon
    Working on warfare up on the moon
    that's the latest phase
    We just want to
    Curl right up and die
    You and me are only passing by

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Germans and Turks and English nerks
    Spew out of doorways going beserk
    Inside of everyone someone lurks
    They don't even know
    Bring them all in, yeah,
    they're welcome here
    You can't sell your work
    Then cut off your ear
    Put it right on the table there
    all tied up in bows

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words