Wallflower Waltz - k.d. lang, Ben Mink

    Propped up against the gymnasium wall
    leaning with surface lament
    not one whispered word
    nor crack of a smile
    emotions as solid cement
    there's no need to sympathize
    for kind and sure are those eyes

    are you getting scared my dear
    are you getting scared
    to shyly compliment the mirror
    to balance the compared
    then falls one solitary tear
    oh, to be the stared
    and stumble with the inflicted faults
    while stepping the wallflowerr waltz

    held and pushed by unleashed desires
    tethered in self-sacrifice
    reluctantly charmed by being approached
    but guarded by one's own device
    there's no need to criticize
    for kind and sure are those eyes


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words