Fever - John Davenport, Eddie Culey
    Never know how much I love you

    Never know how much I care
    When you put your arms around me
    I get a fever that's so hard to bear

    You give me fever when you kiss me
    Fever when you hold me tight
    Fever in the morning
    Fever all through the night

    Sun lights up the daytime
    Moon lights up the night
    I light up when you call my name
    And you know I'm gonna treat you right

    (Na refrein)
    Ev'rybody's got the fever
    That's something you all know
    Fever isn't such a new thing
    Fever started long ago

    Romeo loved Juliet
    Juliet she felt the same
    When he put his arms around her, he said
    Julie baby, you're my flame

    Thou givest fever, when we kisseth
    Fever with my flaming youth
    Fever - I'm afire
    Fever, yea I burn forsooth

    Captain Smith and Pocahantas
    Had a very mad affair
    When her Daddy tried to kill him, she said
    Daddy, o don't you dare

    Give me fever, with his kisses
    Fever when he holds me tight
    Fever - I'm his Missus
    Oh Daddy, won't you treat him right

    Now you've listened to my story
    Here's the point that I've made
    Chicks were born to give you fever
    Be it fahrenheit or centigrade

    They give you fever, when you kiss them
    Fever if you live and learn
    Fever - till you sizzle
    What a lovely way to burn.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words