Give Me Rapture - Van Morrison 
    There are strange things happening every day

    I hear music up above my head
    Fill me up with your wonder
    Give me my rapture today.

     Let me contemplate the presence so divine
    Let me sing all day and never get tired
    Fill me up from your loving cup
    Give me my rapture.

     Won't you guide me through the dark night of the soul
    That I may better understand your way
    Let me be just and worthy to receive
    All the blessings of the Lord into my life.

     Let me purify my thoughts and words and deeds
    That I may be a vehicle for thee
    Let me hold to the truth in the darkest hour
    Le me sing to the glory of the Lord.
    Give me my rapture today.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words