Ivory Tower - Van Morrison

    When you come down
    From your Ivory Tower
    You will see how it really must be
    To be like me to see like me
    To feel like me

    Take a look at me I'm a poor man's son
    I never did no harm to no one
    You've got money in the bank
    And I don't have none

    When you come down etc etc....

    You can see through
    Your rose coloured glasses
    In a world that seems
    like glamour to you
    You've got opinions and judgements about
    All kind of things
    That you don't know anything about

    Don't you know the price that I have to pay
    Just to do everything I have to do
    Do you think that there's nothing to it
    You should try it sometime

    When you come down etc etc....

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    Marco Giunco
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