The Beat Of Black Wings - Joni Mitchell

    I met a young soldier
    He said his name was Killer Kyle
    He was shakin' all over
    Like a night-frightened child
    This is his story
    It's a tough one for me to sing
    Hard as the squawk and the flap
    And the beat of--the beat of black wings

    "They gave me a gun," he said
    "They gave me a mission
    For the power and the glory--
    Propaganda--piss on 'em
    There's a war zone inside me--
    I can feel things exploding--
    I can't even hear the fucking music playing
    For the beat of--the beat of black wings."

    He said, "I never had nothin'--
    Nothin' I could believe in
    My girl killed our unborn child
    Without even grievin'!
    I put my hands on her belly
    To feel the kid kickin'--damn!
    She'd been to some clinic
    Oh--the beat of black wings."

    "They want you--they need you--
    They train you to kill--
    To be a pin on some map--
    Some vicarious thrill--
    The old hate the young
    That's the whole heartless thing
    The old pick the wars
    We die in 'em
    To the beat of--the beat of black wings."

    There's a man drawing pictures
    On the sidewalk with chalk
    Just as fast as he draws 'em
    Rain come down and wash 'em off
    "Keep the drinks comin' girl
    'Til I can't feel anything
    I'm just a chalk mark in a rainstorm
    I'm just the beat of black wings."

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words