A Strange Boy - Joni Mitchell

    A strange boy is weaving
    A course of grace and havoc
    On a yellow skateboard
    Thru midday sidewalk traffic
    Just when I think he's foolish and childish
    And I want him to be manly
    I catch my fool and my child
    Needing love and understanding

    What a strange, strange boy
    He still lives with his family
    Even the war and the navy
    couldn't bring him to maturity

    He keeps referring back to school days
    And clinging to his child
    Fidgeting and bullied
    His crazy wisdom holding onto something wild
    He asked me to be patient
    Well I failed
    "Grow up!" I cried
    And as, the smoke was clearing he said
    "Give me one good reason why!"

    What a strange, strange boy
    He sees the cars as sets of waves
    Sequences of mass and space
    He sees the damage in my face

    We got high on travel
    And we got drunk on alcohol
    And on love the strongest poison and medicine of all
    See how that feeling comes and goes
    Like the pull of moon on tides
    Now I am surf rising
    Now parched ribs of sand at his side

    What a strange, strange boy
    I gave him clothes and jewelry
    I gave him my warm body
    I gave him power over me

    A thousand glass eyes were staring
    In a cellar full of antique dolls
    I found an old piano
    And sweet chords rose up in waxed New England halls
    While the boarders were snoring
    Under crisp white sheets of curfew
    We were newly lovers then
    We were fire in the stiff-blue-haired-house-rules

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words