Ethiopia - Joni Mitchell

    Hot winds and hunger cries--Ethiopia
    Flies in your babies' eyes--Ethiopia
    Walking sticks on burning plains
    Betrayed by politics
    Abandoned by the rains
    On and on--the human need
    On and on--the human greed profanes

    Your top soil flies away--Ethiopia
    We pump ours full of poison spray--Ethiopia
    Between the brown skies and sprinkling lawns
    I hear the whine of chain saws
    Hacking rain forests down
    On and on--insanities
    On and on--Short sighted greed abounds

    Little garden planet-oasis in space
    Some hearts hurt--they can hardly stand it
    Famine phantoms at the garden gates

    Every Sunday on T.V.--Ethiopia
    You suffer with such dignity--Ethiopia
    A T.V. star with a P.R. smile
    Calls your baby "it" while strolling
    Through your tragic trials
    On and on--stupidity
    On and on--the basic needs are defiled
    Good air--good water--good earth

    Little garden planet--oasis in space
    Some hearts hurt--they can hardly stand the waste

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words