Electricity - Joni Mitchell

    The Minus is loveless
    He talks to the land
    And the leaves fall
    And the pond over-ices
    She don't know the system, Plus
    She don't understand
    She's got all the wrong fuses and splices
    She's not going to fix it up
    Too easy

    The masking tape tangles
    It's sticky and black
    And the copper
    Proud headed Queen Lizzie
    Conducts little charges
    That don't get charged back
    Well the technical manual's busy
    She's not going to fix it up too easy
    And she holds out her flashlight
    And she shines it on me
    She wants me to tell her
    What the trouble might be
    Well I'm learning
    It's peaceful
    With a good dog and some trees
    Out of touch with the breakdown
    Of this century
    They're not going to fix it up
    Too easy

    We once loved-together
    And we floodlit that time
    But the lines overloaded
    And the sparks started flying
    And the loose wires
    Were lashing out at me
    She's not going to fix that up
    Too easy
    But she holds out her candle
    And she shines it in
    And she begs him to show her
    How to fix it again
    While the song that he sang her
    To soothe her to sleep
    Runs all through her circuits
    Like a heartbeat
    She's not going to fix it up
    Too easy

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words