Lesson In Survival - Joni Mitchell

    Lesson in Survival
    Spinning out on turns
    That gets you tough
    Guru books-the Bible
    Only a reminder
    That you're just not good enough
    You need to believe in something
    Once I could in our love
    Black road
    Double yellow line
    Friends and kin
    Campers in the kitchen
    That's fine sometimes
    But I know my needs
    My sweet tumbleweed
    I need more quiet times
    By a river flowing
    You and me
    Deep kisses
    And the sun going down

    Maybe it's paranoia
    Maybe it's sensitivity
    Your friends protect you
    Scrutinize me
    I get so damn timid
    Not at all the spirit
    That's inside of me
    Oh baby I can't seem to make it
    With you socially
    There's this reef around me
    I'm looking way out at the ocean
    Love to see that green water in motion
    I'm going to get a boat
    And we can row it
    If you ever get the notion
    To be needed by me
    Fresh salmon frying
    And the tide rolling in

    I went to see a friend tonight
    'Was very late when I walked in
    My talking as it rambled
    Revealed suspicious reasoning
    The visit seemed to darken him
    I came in as bright
    As a neon light
    And I burned out
    Right there before him
    I told him these things
    I'm telling you now
    Watched them buckle up
    In his brow
    When you dig down deep
    You lose good sleep
    And it makes you
    Heavy company
    I will always love you
    Hands alike
    Magnet and iron
    The souls

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words