Blue Boy - Joni Mitchell

    Lady called the blue boy, love,
    She took him home
    Made himself an idol, yes,
    So he turned to stone
    Like a pilgrim she travelled
    Ta place her flowers
    Before his granite grace
    And she prayed aloud for love
    To waken in his face
    In his face, oh

    Sometimes in the evening
    He would read to her
    Roll her in his arms
    And give his seed to her
    She would wake in the morning
    Without him
    And go to the window
    And look out thru the pain
    But the statue in her garden
    He always looked the same
    He looked the same, ah

    Bring her boots of leather
    And she will dance for him
    Shyly from a feather fan
    She'll glance for him
    Here he comes after midnight
    To find her again
    He will come a few times more
    Till he finds a lady statue
    Standing in a door
    In her door, oh

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words