Sisotowbell Lane - Joni Mitchell

    Sisotowbell Lane
    Noah is fixing the pump in the rain
    He brings us no shame
    We always knew that he always knew
    Up over the hill
    Jovial neighbors come down when they will
    With stories to tell
    Sometimes they do
    Yes sometimes we do
    We have a rocking chair
    Each of us rocks his share
    Eating muffin buns and berries
    By the steamy kitchen window
    Sometimes we do
    Our tongues turn blue

    Sisotowbell Lane
    Anywhere else now would seem very strange
    The seasons are changing
    Everyday in everyway
    Sometimes it is spring
    Sometimes it is not anything
    A poet can sing
    Sometimes we try
    Yes we always try
    We have a rocking chair
    Somedays we rock and stare
    At the woodlands and the grasslands and the badlands 'cross the river
    Sometimes we do
    We like the view

    Sisotowbell Lane
    Go to the city you'll come back again
    To wade thru the grain
    You always do
    Yes we always do
    Come back to the stars
    Sweet well water and pickling jars
    We'll lend you the car
    We always do
    Yes sometimes we do
    We have a rocking chair
    Someone is always there
    Rocking rhythms while they're waiting with the candle in the window
    Sometimes we do
    We wait for you

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words