I Had A King - Joni Mitchell

    I had a king in a tenement castle
    Lately he's taken to painting the pastel walls brown
    He's taken the curtains down
    He's swept with the broom of contempt
    And the rooms have an empty ring
    He's cleaned with the tears
    Of an actor who fears for the laughter's sting-

    I can't go back there anymore
    You know my keys won't fit the door
    You know my thoughts don't fit the man
    They never can they never can

    I had a king dressed in drip-dry and paisley
    Lately he's taken to saying I'm crazy and blind
    He lives in another time
    Ladies in gingham still blush
    While he sings them of wars and wine
    But I in my leather and lace
    I can never become that kind -


    I had a king in a salt-rusted carriage
    Who carried me off to his country for marriage too soon
    Beware of the power of moons
    There's no one to blame
    No there's no one to name as a traitor here
    The king's on the road
    And the queen's in the grove till the end of the year-


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words