Am I Losin' - Allen Collins, Ronnie VanZant
    I recall when I used to come home never had a dime

    But Lord I always had a good time
    And I recall drinkin' wine with one of my friends
    Lord, I can't go back again

    Am I losin' my own way back home
    Am I losin' a good friend that I've known
    Am I losin' won't you tell me how I've sinned
    Why am I losin one of my bets friends
    And I recall this friend of mine I knew so well
    It goes to show Lord you just can't tell
    Now my friend won't talk to me Let me tell you why
    he thinks I 've changed because of a dollar sign


    And its so strange when you get just a little money
    Your so called friends want to act just a little funny
    They'll blame you

    But I'm not the one that's here to blame
    Its you my friend that's really changed
    Its a shame, such a shame
    Am I losin' once again

    Why these things happen, Lord I don't understand
    But Lord it can sure hurt a man
    Why my friend won't take me as I am
    'Cause your friend Lord is the most important thing


    © Copyright by Duchess Music/Get Loose Music Music Inc.


    Marco Giunco
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