He's Alive - Allen Collins, Ronnie VanZant

    Oh yeah, all right
    I do believe in you more than myself
    I can depend on you when I need help
    So when I tell you, please understand
    That I do love you, love you man to man

    Oh yeah, all right
    I remember oh so well when the times were bad
    If I needed anything, you'd give me all you had
    And when the troubles came you were by my side
    You said use God as your guide my son don't you know
    He's alive, he's alive

    Oh yeah
    But now you have gone and I'm on my own
    But I realize one thing, one man is never alone
    But I wish that you were here right by my side
    I would love to tell you that I know
    He's alive
    Oh yeah, all right


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words