Texas Rose Cafe - Lowell George 

    Picked up on my phone in Houston
    Everybody answered, everybody answered but they won't say why
    Then this dancer grabbed me down by the bus stop
    And she said I'm takin' you with me to the Texas Rose cafe
    I got a fast car, it's a jaguar, and I'll get you to the plane on time
    Drinkin' Lone Star, play guitar, we'll have a real good time
    I said love to be found in Austin,
    Love to be found in Austin town,
    I replied that I would try, but you see my time is not my own
    'Cause when I was just a big time low ball fool
    My friend Leroy came to me
    He said look out your window
    Does the first man you see look like me?
    I'm sooooore displeased

    Since that time I changed my mind
    About the things I'm up to
    Yet the things around me stay just the same
    'Cause outside my hotel window is a sign that turns from red to green
    It says chop suey and join the U.S. Marines


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words