Good Man In The Storm King, P. Gould

    it just occurred to me
    I must be blind
    why do I try so hard to keep my cool
    when I'm about to lose my mind
    there was a vision
    flashing by
    of a summers' day I spent with you
    of a child who never learnt how to cry

    when those around me
    fall in despair
    I call upon my common sense
    'cause someone has to care
    a sudden decision
    I can't explain
    though I've often tried to change the rules
    the game remains the same
    for love
    I've played the part so many times
    it fits me like a glove
    but I'm the victim
    in the bitter end
    I know you need me to be strong
    l just don't know how much longer I can pretend

    you always need me to be
    a good man in a storm

    it sometimes scares me
    the further we go
    just how much we understand
    and just how much we know
    so whatever happened
    in our hearts
    while making perfect sense of life
    we still remain so far apart

    you always want me to be
    a good man in a storm

    trying to fit the social norm
    and be a good man in a storm
    trying hard since I was born
    to be a good man in a storm


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words