It's Not The Same For Us - King, Lindup, P. Gould, Badarou

    I know you live on my street
    I sometimes wonder
    why we don't meet
    I've seen your face in the sky
    twenty-five stories high
    you never come down to earth
    communication (communication)
    could hardly be much worse
    don't keep me here in the dark
    I want to be your friend
    your fears are way off the mark

    every generation
    sees it their own way
    never learning their lessons
    making the same mistakes again

    it's not the same for us - as history fades away
    it's not the same for us - you must hear me when I say

    look out on this brave new land
    think of the future
    the future that lays in our hands
    our leaders live in the past
    we can change it
    there's something to hope for at last

    every generation
    sees it their own way
    why don't we learn our lessons
    don't make the same mistakes again


    what dreams are you chasing now?
    what are you living for?
    the problems that we're facing now
    nobody faced before
    please don't reject me
    in anger or in sorrow
    you've got to accept me
    if we're to make a better tomorrow

    it's not the same - it's not the same for us


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words