Cadillac Cowboy - Chuck Pyle

    Hold tight with a leather fist  Watch out when he starts to twist
    That's what their daddies' used to tell them boys
    How to ride them bulls
    I got a jingle in my jeans
    Sore places in between
    And I'm leavin' on a saw blade
    With a push and a pull

    10-4 Buddy, come on back
    A horse trailer on a Cadillac
    Yeah, we're talkin' to the cowboy
    In the Coupe de Ville
    Chug-a-luggin' up one side
    Slidin' down the other
    I'm a lover of the other side of the hill

    Turn up that radio
    Don't wanna think about a rodeo
    Don't wanna think about a round-up
    Up in old Cheyenne
    It's a crazy circuit
    But still you work it
    Turn down that sound, boys
    Let's get up and check the scan

    Bandana hangin' mirror
    Still wet from ear to ear
    We'll, I guess it's true then
    What the wise men say
    When you ride your last one
    Make sure he's the best one
    Jump while he's movin'
    Tip your hat boys and walk away

    I'm a lover of the other
    Side of the hill


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words